Ali Roghani

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Expert
R&D Manager at IT Researches ltd
CEO at Talee Limited

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When I was thirteen, I started programming. Working on projects and creating applications and websites in my spare time, and later on, creating business software for enterprise companies.

Master of Information Systems Management (University of Salford)
Doctor of Business Administration (Mahan Business School)
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Amity University)
And various certificate programs from leading universities.

Artificial Neural Networks: Applications in Financial Forecasting
Big Data Analytics For Beginners
Big Data Overview: From a technical business perspective
And some more articles, essays and reviews ...

IT Researches Ltd (Various Management Roles since 2011)
Rayan Net Co (Founder)
Talee Limited(CEO)
Prior Management and R&D Roles: Global Investment, Raya Office Solutions, Microsoft Persia, Bamboo Group, Xene Ltd, Dina Ltd
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